Hiva Machine Manufacturing Company designs and fabricates a variety of bodies for commercial vehicles under CAMEL brand. The company is the market leader in Iran.
Hiva Airport Equipment provides sales and after sales service for airport ground support equipment. This division offers a full range of products made by our partners who are the best in Europe.
Hiva Rental operates and rents out a fleet of trucks for construction applications. Our clients in this division are mainly contractors for construction projects in Iran.
Hiva has gained its good reputation by supplying customer demands with the expected quality and conditions as well as fulfilling obligations to our business partners.


Hiva Machine Mfg. Co. offers design, production, sales and after sales service of truck-mounted superstructures under CAMEL brand. We provide a total machinery solution to construction material transportation. Our products include a full range of tippers and concrete mixers for light to heavy rigid trucks. The company operates a wide service network that covers all of Iran and a few neighbor countries.
Hiva Airport Equipment offers a wide range of machinery that an aircraft requires from the moment of landing until takeoff. This includes sales and service of ground support equipment, made by our European partners. Their premium products are well-known worldwide and being used by almost all major airlines round the globe.

    • CAMEL R07 / P07
    • CAMEL R08 / P08
    • CAMEL R09 / P09
    • CAMEL R10 / P10
    • CAMEL R12 / P12

    Truck Mixers

    • CAMEL T03N
    • CAMEL T04G
    • CAMEL T09G / T09M
    • CAMEL T11G / T11M
    • CAMEL T16G / T16M / T16D
    • CAMEL T18H

    Tipper Bodies

    • COBUS 3000

    Airport Buses

    • TREPEL Champ 35
    • TREPEL Champ 70
    • TREPEL Champ 140
    • TREPEL Champ 200
    • TREPEL Champ 300
    • TREPEL Champ 350

    Cargo Loaders

    • TREPEL Challenger 150
    • TREPEL Challenger 280
    • TREPEL Challenger 430
    • TREPEL Challenger 550
    • TREPEL Challenger 700

    Aircraft Pushbacks

    • GUINAULT GA120
    • GUINAULT GA150
    • GUINAULT GS280
    • LEBRUN GF15
    • LEBRUN GF30

    Aircraft ASU / ACU / GPU



  • Amongst our clients in Aerospace Sector are:
    Iran Air – Zagros Airline – Hamrah Kousha Airport Services – Saman Air Services.

  • Amongst our clients in Construction Sector are:
    Sedad – Tiraj – Tablieh – Iranshahr – Keyson – Ahab – Bahar Deimeh

  • Amongst our clients in Ready-Mix Concrete Industry are:
    Pishtaz Beton – Pars Laneh – Khane Beton – Iran Frame Co – Bonyad Beton

  • Amongst our clients in Automotive Industry are:
    Mammut – Zamyad – Saipa Diesel – Tirage Diesel – Iran Khodro Diesel